Family-owned and operated in Eureka, California since 1976. We specialize in handmade hardwood custom cabinets for residential and commercial clients.

Expert Craftsmanship

Forbes Cabinets was started as a small shop. From there we moved, grew, and kept the focus on our quality and ability to meet timelines. We are capable of producing the highest quality woodworking and custom cabinetry.

Working directly with homeowners, as well as through architects and designers, we offer design expertise, great customer service, and talented craftsmen who produce the finest woodwork. Our strength lies in balancing aesthetic appeal with functional design. Taking a simple idea and turning it into something our client will be proud of. Our team brings skill and dedication to every project.

Everything we do is a custom order, fulfilled in-house, and installed by our team of expert professionals.

Located in Eureka, CA, Forbes Cabinets is ideally situated to serve clients throughout Humboldt County and neighboring communities. If you’re in the area, we welcome you to stop by our shop at 2042 Eich Road to meet our friendly, talented crew and learn more about how we can help you make your vision a reality.

  • Your Voice

    Our design process ensures we build what you want.

  • Your Design

    After we determine the requirements we can begin to design for the space.

  • Your Budget

    We will not design something that does not meet the project budget.

  • Your Satisfaction

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your custom cabinets.